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  • Ningbo RMI Plastic Co., Ltd.

  •  [Zhejiang,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer
  • Main Mark: Africa , Americas , Asia , East Europe , Middle East , Oceania
  • Exporter:81% - 90%
  • Certs:ISO9001
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Ningbo RMI Plastic Co., Ltd.

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About Us

Ningbo RMI Plastic Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of plastic valves and piping materials provide consult service and supply high quality piping materials for industrial application water treatment system irrigation systems etc RMI products cover full range of plastic valves pipes fittings and accessories by different materials of PVDF PVC PVC C PP PP H PP GF FRP EPDM VITON PTFE Over 30 kinds different valves include diaphragm valve ball valve check valve butterfly valve foot valve globe valve etc Size from 1 2 up to 32 following standard of DIN JIS ANSI CNS ISO 8 different materials of pipes and fittings diameter from 16mm to 600mm With high quality products and...

Categories and Products

Butterfly Valve

Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

PVC Butterfly Valve Pneumatic Actuated Double Acting PVC Pneumatic Butterfly Valve Spring Return Type PP Butterfly Valve Pneumatic Operate Single Acting PPH Pneumatic Butterfly Valve DIN PN10 Pneumatic Butterfly Valve CPVC ANSI CL150 PVDF Pneumatic Butterfly Valve Double Acting Spring Return Plastic Butterfly Valve Pneumatic Actuated Pneumatic Butterfly Valve PVC Double Acting PP Butterfly Valve Pneumatic Operate PN10 CPVC Butterfly Valve Pneumatic Spring Return Pneumatic Butterfly Valve PVC Double Acting With Solenoid Valve PVC Pneumatic Butterfly Valve Single Acting Type DIN ANSI JIS PP Pneumatic Butterfly Valve DN50 DN65 DN80 DN100 DN125 DN150 DN200 PPH Pneumatic Butterfly Valve Double Acting Type Flange Pneumatic Powder Butterfly Valve Flange Pneumatic Cement Butterfly Valve Air Operated Cement Butterfly Valve 

Electric Butterfly Valve

PVC Butterfly Valve Electric Actuated Switch Type UPVC Butterfly Valve Electric Powered Regulating Type Electric Actuated PP Butterfly Valve DIN PN10 Electric PPH Butterfly Valve Wafer ANSI CL150 CPVC Electric Butterfly Valve JIS 10K PVDF Butterfly Valve Electric Actuated DIN PN10 Plastic Butterfly Valve Electric Actuated PVC Electric Butterfly Valve 24VDC PP Butterfly Valve Electric 220VAC PVC Butterfly Valve Electric Actuated AC220V UPVC Electric Butterfly Valve AC220V DC24V Electric Butterfly Valve PVDF AC220V PVC Butterfly Valve Electric Actuated For Fishing Farm Stainless Steel Electric Butterfly valve Stainless steel Electric actuator butterfly valve Stainless steel electric wafer butterfly valve Stainless steel wafer Electric Butterfly Valve Stainless steel Electric head flange Butterfly valve Triple Offset Wafer Electric Butterfly Valve 

PVC Butterfly Valve

PVC Butterfly Valve Wafer Type UPVC Butterfly Valve Gear Drive PVC Butterfly Valve Lever Type DIN PN10 PVC Plastic Butterfly Valve Manual operate ANSI CL150 Plastic Butterfly Valve UPVC Lever handle JIS 10K PVC Butterfly Valve Lug Type ANSI Wafer Type Butterfly Valve PVC Body EPDM Seat PVC Butterfly Valve For Water PVC Butterfly Valve Gear Operate ANSI UPVC Butterfly Valve PN10 Gear Type PVC Butterfly Valve DN50 DN65 DN80 DN100 Butterfly Valve UPVC DN125 DN150 DN200 PN10 PVC Butterfly Valve Bear Head For Electric Actuator Install PVC Bear Head Butterfly Valve For Pneumatic Actuator Install PVC Butterfly Valve ANSI#150 2" 3" 4" Butterfly Valve UPVC ANSI CL150 5" 6" 8" 

CPVC Butterfly Valve

CPVC Butterfly Valve wafer type ANSI CL150 CPVC Butterfly Valve wafer type JIS 10K CPVC Butterfly Valve Gear Operate DIN PN10 CPVC Butterfly Valve Lug Type Wafer Type Butterfly Valve CPVC JIS 10K Lug Type Butterfly Valve CPVC ANSI Gear Operated CPVC Butterfly Valve PN10 Plastic Butterfly Valve CPVC Lever Operate Acid Resistance Butterfly Valve CPVC Industrial Valve Butterfly CPVC ANSI CPVC Butterfly Valve Lever Handle JIS 10K Plastic Butterfly Valve CPVC Body Wafer Type ANSI CL150 Plastic Butterfly Valve CPVC DIN PN10 PVC-C Butterfly Valve For Chemical Industry Corrosive Liquid 

PP Butterfly Valve

PP Butterfly Valve Wafer Type DIN PN10 PPH Butterfly Valve Gear Type FRPP Butterfly Valve Lever Handle JIS 10K GRPP Butterfly Valve Manual Operate ANSI CL150 PPH Butterfly Valve Manual Type ANSI CL150 Butterfly Valve PPH Wafer Type PN10 Lever handle Butterfly Valve PP JIS PPH Butterfly Valve For Industrial Chemical PP Wafer Butterfly Valve PN10 Lug Type Butterfly Valve PP ANSI PP Butterfly Valve DN50 DN65 DN80 DN100 Polypropylene Butterfly Valve DN125 DN150 DN200 Plastic Butterfly Valve PP DIN PN10 ANSI #150 JIS10K PPH Butterfly Valve PN10 2" 3" 4" 5" 6" 8" 

PVDF Butterfly Valve

PVDF Butterfly Valve Lever Handle PVDF Butterfly Valve gear operate PVDF Butterfly Valve DIN PN10 PVDF Butterfly Valve JIS 10K PVDF Butterfly Valve ANSI CL150 Plastic Butterfly Valve Wafer Type Wafer Type Butterfly Valve PVDF with VITON Lug Type Butterfly Valve PVDF PN10 PVDF Butterfly Valve with FPM Seat Corrosive Resistance Butterfly Valve PVDF 

Stainless Steel Butterfly Valves

Stainless steel wafer worm gear butterfly valves Stainless steel Handle Wafer Butterfly valves Middle-line soft seal Butterfly valve by flange Double flanged rubber seated Butterfly valve Worm gear double flanged Butterfly valve Ductile Iron Water blow off Butterfly Valves Double offset globoid method Butterfly valve Wafer viton seat Butterfly valve 

Ball Valve

Electric Ball Valve

PVC Ball Valve Electric Actuated Switch Type UPVC Ball Valve Elctric Powered Regulating Type Electric Actuated PP Ball Valve DIN PN10 Electric PPH Ball Valve Flange End ANSI CL150 CPVC Electric Ball Valve JIS 10K PVDF BALL Valve Electric Actuated DIN PN10 PVC Electric Ball Valve 24VDC Electric Ball Valve UPVC With Limit Switch PVDF Electric Ball Valve Open and Close Type PPH Ball Valve Electric Actuated 220V AC UPVC electric ball valve 24VDC Plastic Electric Ball Valve PVC Electric PVC Ball Valve 220VAC 

Pneumatic Ball Valve

PVC Ball Valve Pneumatic Actuated Double Acting PVC Pneumatic Ball Valve Spring Return Type PP Ball Valve Pneumatic Operate Single Acting PPH Pneumatic Ball Valve DIN PN10 Pneumatic Ball Valve CPVC ANSI CL150 PVDF Pneumatic Ball Valve Double Acting Spring Return PVC Pneumatic Ball Valve Double Acting PN10 UPVC Pneumatic Ball Valve Spring Return Type PVDF Pneumatic Ball Valve Single Acting PPH Ball Valve Pneumatic Actuated PN10 Stainless steel natural gas ball valve Stainless steel Pneumatic Thread Ball Valve Stainless steel Pneumatic FLange ball valve 

PVC Ball Valve

PVC Ball Valve Flange DIN PN10 DN50 PVC True Union Ball Valve Socket End PVC Three Way Ball Valve PVC Compact Ball Valve UPVC Flanged Ball Valve ANSI CL150 Flange UPVC Ball Valve JIS 10K Gear Type PVC Ball Valve Flange End TU PVC Ball Valve ANSI Double Union PVC Ball Valve JIS True Union PVC Water Ball Valve CNS PVC Ball Valve Thread End BSPT NPT Plastic Three Way Ball Valve Socket End PVC Three Way Ball Valve L/T Port PVC Octagon Ball Valve Thread End NPT PVC Ball Valve For Water and Irrigation UPVC Ball Valve Flange End SABS Flanged PVC Ball Valve BS4504 PVC-U Ball Valve Flanged AS2129 Lever Handle PVC Ball Valve Flanged PN10 PVC Flanged Ball Valve Gear Operate 1.0Mpa 

CPVC Balll Valve

CPVC Double Union Ball Valve CPVC Ball Valve Socket End ANSI CPVC Flanged Ball Valve ANSI CL150 CPVC Ball Valve Flange End DIN PN10 Ball Valve CPVC Flange Connection JIS 10K Plastic Ball Valve Flange End CPVC PN10 Flanged Ball Valve CPVC For Chemical CPVC Ball Valve Lever Handle Manual Operate CPVC Ball Valve Flange End Lever Type Flange Ball Valve CPVC ANSI CPVC Ball Valve Flange Connect JIS Standard CPVC Ball Valve Manual Handle CPVC Socket Ball Valve DIN PN10 Ball Valve CPVC Socket End JIS Union Ball Valve CPVC Screw End BSPT CPVC Union Ball Valve Thread End NPT Double Union CPVC Ball Valve PN10 CPVC True Union Ball Valve For Chemical CPVC Ball Valve Double Union Connect True Union Ball Valve CPVC Socket CNS 

PP Ball Valve

FRPP Ball Valve Flange DIN PN10 FRPP Flanged Ball Valve Gear Operate PP True Union Ball Valve PPH Ball Valve Flange End Lever Handle PPH Ball Valve Union Socket Fusion PP Ball Valve Flange End ANSI CL150 PPH Ball Valve Lever Handle Flange End JIS 10K Gear Operate PP Ball Valve DN200,DN250,DN300 Manual Handle PP Flanged Ball Valve PN10 PPH Flanged Ball Valve ANSI 1/2" to 12" Lever Type PP Ball Valve Flange End DIN PPGF Ball Valve Flange End DIN PN16 JIS Flanged Ball Valve PP PPH Double Union Ball Valve PN10 Ball Valve PP Socket Fusion PN10 PP Ball Valve Socket Welding DIN Union Ball Valve PP Butt Welding Butt Welding PPH Ball Valve PN10 PP Ball Valve Butt Welding DIN PP Ball Valve Socket End For Industrial 

PVDF Ball Valve

PVDF True Union Ball Valve Socket Fusion PVDF Ball Valve Flange End ANSI CL150 Flange Ball Valve PVDF DIN PN10 PVDF Flange Ball Valve JIS 10K Plastic Ball Valve PVDF DIN PN10 Ball Valve PVDF Lever handle PN10 Chemical Industrial Valve PVDF PN10 Manual Ball Valve PVDF Flange End ANSI CL150 PVDF Flange Ball Valve DIN PN10 Lever Operate PVDF Ball Valve For Chemical Plastic Ball Valve PVDF ANSI #150 True Union Ball Valve PVDF Socket Welding PVDF Ball Valve Socket Fusion PN10 Double Union PVDF Ball Valve DIN PVDF Socket Ball Valve DN15 to DN100 Lever Type PVDF Ball Valve Socket Welding Plastic Ball Valve PVDF True Union End Two Way PVDF Ball Valve PN10 Two Way PVDF Ball Valve Socket Fusion Butt Wedling PVDF Ball Valve DIN PN10 

Stainless Steel Ball Valve

2-PC Stainless Steel Ball Valve Screw End 2PC Threaded Stainless Steel Ball Valve 304 Screwed 3 way Ball Valve 2- PC Stainless Steel Ball Valves by Flange Manual stainless steel flange 304 ball valve Stainless Steel Full Port Floating Ball Valve Stainless Steel Ball Valve with Locked Handle Flange Pneumatic Actuated Stainless Steel Ball Valve 1-Pc stainless steel 1/4 NPT ball valve Casting 3PC Stainless Steel Flanged Ball Valve 

Diaphragm Valve

PVC Diaphragm Valve

UPVC Diaphragm Valve Weir Type PVC Diaphragm Valve Flange End DIN PN10 UPVC Plastic Diaphragm Valve ANSI CL150 PVC Diaphragm Valve Socket End DIN PN10 UPVC Diaphragm Valve Flange End JIS 10K Plastic Diaphragm Valve PVC Body ANSI CL150 PVC Diaphragm Valve Union Type PN10 Plastic Valve Diaphragm UPVC PN10 Flanged UPVC Diaphragm Valve #150 JIS Diaphragm Valve UPVC/PTFE 

PP Diaphragm Valve

PP Diaphragm Valve DIN PN10 FRPP Diaphragm Valve Flanged DIN PN10 PPGF/PTFE Plastic Diaphragm Valve ANSI CL150 PPH Diaphragm Valve JIS 10K PPH Diaphragm Valve ANSI CL150 GRPP Diphragm Valve Flange JIS 10K Flange Diaphragm Valve FRPP ANSI CL150 PP Diaphragm Valve ANSI CL150 Diaphragm Valve PPH/PTFE DIN PN10 PPH Diaphragm Valve Union Type PN10 

CPVC Diaphragm Valve

CPVC Diaphragm Valve ANSI CL150 CPVC Diaphragm Valve Industrial CPVC Diaphragm Valve JIS 10K Plastic Diaphragm Valve CPVC For Chemical Diaphragm Valve CPVC Flange DIN PN10 Plastic Diaphragm Valve CPVC JIS Standard Industrial Diaphragm Valve CPVC Flange BS4504 Chemical Industrial Diaphragm Valve Plastic Plastic Diaphragm Valve CPVC for Chlor Alkali Industry Acid Resist CPVC Diaphragm Valve 

PVDF Diaphragm Valve

PVDF Diaphragm Valve JIS10K PVDF Diaphragm Valve Flange End ANSI CL150 PVDF True Union Diaphragm Valve PVDF Diaphragm Valve Socket Welding PVDF Diaphragm Valve Flange End DIN PN10 PVDF Diaphragm Valve Weir Type JIS 10K PVDF Diaphragm Valve PTFE Menbrance Corrosion Resist PVDF Diaphragm Valve Acid Alkali Resistance PVDF Diaphragm Valve Industrial Diaphragm Valve PVDF PN10 

Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve

Plastic Diaphragm Valve Pneumatic Actuatored PVDF Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve Single Acting PVC Diaphragm Valve Pneumatic Spring Return Spring Return Pneumatic PP Diaphragm Valve CPVC Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve PN10 PPH Diaphragm Valve Pneumatic Actuated Diaphragm Valve Pneumatic Operate Plastic Body Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve UPVC Body Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve Double Acting Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve Spring Return 

Check Valve

PVC Check Valve

PVC Swing Check Valve Flange End PVC Swing Check Valve Socket ANSI PVC Ball Check Valve Flange DIN PN10 PVC Single Piece Wafer Check Valve ANSI CL150 UPVC True Union Ball Check Valve PVC Single Union Ball Check Valve UPVC Swing Check Valve Flange DIN PN10 Swing Check Valve PVC Flange ANSI CL150 Flange Swing Check Valve UPVC JIS 10K PVC Check Valve Swing Type Flange End PVC Non Return Valve DIN PN10 Non Return Valve UPVC ANSI CL150 Plastic Swing Check Valve UPVC PN10 Plastic Check Valve PVC ANSI PVC Check Valve Horizontal Install PN10 Ball Check Valve UPVC Flange ANSI PVC Ball Check Valve Flange End PN10 PVC Wafer Check Valve DIN PN10 True Union Ball Check Valve PVC 

PP Check Valve

FRPP Ball Check Valve Flange PN10 PP Swing Check Valve Flange End ANSI CL150 PP True Union Ball Check Valve DIN PN10 PP Swing Check Valve Wafer Type Swing Check Valve PPH Flange End DIN PN10 Flange End PPH Ball Check Valve PPH Double Union Ball Check Valve Wafer Type Swing Check Valve PPH PP Ball Check Valve DIN PN10 

CPVC Check Valve

CPVC True Union Ball Check Valve CPVC Swing Check Valve Flange ANSI CL150 CPVC Ball Check Valve Flange End DIN PN10 CPVC Single Union Ball Check Valve CPVC Wafer Check Valve JIS10K Swing Check Valve CPVC JIS 10K CPVC Ball Check Valve Flange ANSI CL150 

PVDF Check Valve

PVDF Swing Check Valve Flanged PN10 PVDF Ball Check Valve ANSI PVDF Wafer Check Valve ANSI CL150 PVDF Swing Check Valve Flange End ANSI CL150 PVDF Ball Check Valve Flange End DIN PN10 

Steel/Stainless Steel Check Valve

Dual plate air flap check valve stainless steel swing check valve Forged Steel Hydraulic Swing Check Valve control slow closing counterweight butterfly check valve Thread or flange ball check valve Spring loaded Vertical check valve Water valve ductile iron vertical check valve Hydraulic Piston Check Valve Vertical noise eliminating spring stop check valve Stainless steel mini spring loaded check valve Flap swing check valve Energy saving swing type slow closing Check valve Triple eccentric pneumatic hard sealing check valve Water pump rubber Muffle Noise Check valve One way water slow closing check valve Dual duo way spring loaded check valve Double block bleed anti-pollution isolating shut off valve Stainless steel flanged water vertical lift check valve Stainless steel Lift check valve Sewage ball type vertical Check valve 

Safety Valve Foot Valve Globe Valve and Other Valves

Safety Valve

Safe Relief Pressure Valve for Fluid System Plastic Back Pressure Valve for Piping System Back Pressure Valve for Piping System by flange UPVC safety valve socket DIN PN10 Plastic Safety Valve PVC PN1.0Mpa CPVC Safety Valve DN15 DN20 DN25 DN32 Safety Valve CPVC DN40 DN50 DN65 PP Safety Valve PN10 DN15 DN25 DN50 PPH Pressure Relief Valve PN10 Plastic PVDF Pressure Relief Valve PN10 PVDF Safety Valve PN10 For Chemical 

Foot Valve

PVC Foot Valve Socket End JIS Plastic PVC Bottom Valve Socket End PVC Foot Valve Flange End PVC Bottom Valve Flange End ANSI CL150 Flanged PP Foot Valve DIN PN10 PPH Bottom Valve Socket Fusion PN10 CPVC Ball Type Foot Valve JIS 10K PVDF Bottom Valve DIN PN10 

Globe Valve

Manual Operated UPVC Globe Valve Flange End UPVC Globe Valve Flange End ANSI CL150 Plastic Globe Valve PVC FF JIS 10K Industrial Globe Valve PVC DIN PN10 PP Globe Valve Wheel Handle Flange DIN PN10 Manual Globe Valve PPGF Flange ANSI CL150 Flange Type PP Globe Valve JIS 10K PPH Globe Valve ANSI CL150 Flanged Globe Valve PPH DIN PN10 PPH Flanged Globe Valve JIS 10K Plastic CPVC Globe Valve For Industrial ANSI CPVC Globe Valve Flange End JIS 10K Industrial Globe Valve CPVC DIN PN10 PVDF Globe Valve ANSI CL150 Wheel Manual Handle PVDF Globe Valve DIN PN10 Flanged Globe Valve PVDF JIS 10K 

Sampling Valve

PVC Sampling Valve 1/4 Inch 

Exhaust Valve/Vacuum Pressure Valve

PVC Vacuum Valve DN15 DN20 DN25 DN32 DN50 UPVC Pressure Vent Valve DN40 Plastic PVC Air Vent Valve UPVC Air Evacuation Valve PVC Breather Valve Exhaust Valve 

Strainer Lever Indicator Sight Glass and Other Accessories

Level Meter

Plastic Liquid Level Meter Flange End DN25 PVC Level Indicator For Tank Plastic Float Flowmeter Measurement 5l/h to 200m3/h PP Level Indicator Flange End PN10 Level Indicator PPH ANSI CL150 PVDF Level Indicator Flange End JIS10K ABS Water Flow Rate Meter PVC Float Flowmeter For Water System 

Sight Glass

Plastic Sight Glass Flange Connection For Corrosive Liquid PVC Sight Glass Flange End ANSI CL150 PP Sight Glass FF DIN PN10 Plastic Sight Glss PPH JIS 10K Industrial Sight Glass PVDF ANSI CL150 


PVC Y Strainer With Socket End Y Strainer PVC Flange End ANSI CL150 PVC Strainer Y Type Socket DIN PN10 Plastic Strainer For Industrial 


Rubber Gasket For Flange Sealing EPDM Flange Gasket FF DN PN10 Flange Gasket FPM FF ANSI CL150 PTFE Gasket For RF Flange 

Bolt And Nut

Plastic Bolt And Nut For Anti-corrosive Use PVC Hex Head Bolt And Nut PP Hexagon Bolt And Nut Nylon Bolt And Nut M3 to M20 PVDF Bolt And Nut For Chemical 

Flow Calibration Column

UPVC Flow Calibration Column transparent 100ml to 10000ml Plastic Flow Calibration Column UPVC PVDF PVDF Flow Calibration Column 2" 

Pulse Damper

PVC Diaphragm Pulsation Dampener for Water Treatment Diaphragm Pulsation Dampener for Water Treatment Air Pressure Control Pulse dampers for Water Treatment 

Venturi Injector

Venturi Injector for Ozone Generator 

UPVC Pipe Fitting

UPVC Pipe Fitting PN16

PVC Pipe and Fitting PN16 UPVC Pipe Fitting Elbow PVC Fitting of Tee PN16 PVC End Cap of Pipe Fitting PN16 PVC Concentric Reducer of Pipe Fitting PN16 PVC Male Thread adaptor and Female Coupling PVC Vanstone flange PN16 PVC Union socket PN16 PVC Coupling Pipe Fitting PN16 PVC 45 degree elbow PN16 Pipe Fitting UPVC Flange PN16 UPVC Reduced Tee DIN PN16 UPVC Bushing Pipe Fitting PN16 UPVC Female Coupler DIN PN16 PVC Blind Flange DIN PN16 UPVC Cross Fitting DIN PN16 Clear PVC Pipe And Fitting PN16 Clear PVC Coupling DIN PN16 PN16 Clear PVC Elbow 90 Degree Clear PVC Pipe Fitting Equal Tee 

UPVC Pipe Fitting SCH80

PVC Pipe and Fitting ANSI SCH80 PVC Coupling Pipe Fitting SCH80 PVC Fitting of Tee ASTM SCH80 PVC Male Adaptor NPT PVC Female Coupling SCH80 PVC Vanstone flange ANSI CL150 SCH80 UPVC Pipe Fitting Elbow PVC Blind Flange ANSI PVC Union ANSI SCH80 Clear PVC Pipe And Fitting ANSI SCH40 Clear PVC Coupling ASTM SCH80 SCH80 Clear PVC Elbow 90 Degree Clear PVC Pipe Fitting Equal Tee SCH80 Clear PVC Female Coupling SCH80 Male Adaptor Clear PVC ANSI 

CPVC Pipe Fitting

CPVC Pipe Fitting PN16

CPVC Pipe PN16 for Industrial CPVC Pipe Fitting 45 Degree Elbow CPVC Flange Socket PN16 CPVC Equal Tee PN16 CPVC Pipe Fitting Reducer PN16 CPVC Male Adaptor PN16 CPVC Vanstone Flange PN16 CPVC Union Socket End PN16 CPVC Coupler Pipe Fitting PN16 CPVC End Cap DIN PN16 CPVC Elbow 90 Degree PN16 CPVC Reduced Tee DIN PN16 CPVC Bushing Coupler DIN PN16 CPVC Female Coupler Thread BSPT CPVC Blind Flange DIN PN16 CPVC Cross Fitting DIN PN16 

PP Pipe Fitting

PPH Pipe Fitting PN10

PPH Pipe DIN 8077/8078 PN10 PPH Pipe Fitting Elbow Socket Fusion PPH Blind Flange DIN PN10 PPH Female Thread Coupling PN10 PPH Male Adaptor PN10 PPH Pipe Fitting Reducer PN10 PPH Tee Socket Fusion Welding PN10 PPH Flange Socket Welding PN10 PPH Elbow 45 Degree Socket Fusion PPH Cross PN10 Socket Fusion PPH Coupler Socket Fusion DIN 8078 PPH Union Pipe Fitting DIN PPH Pipe Fitting End Cap DIN 8077 PPH Vanstone Flange DIN PN10 

PVDF Pipe Fitting

PVDF Pipe DIN PN16 PVDF 90 Degree Elbow PN16 PVDF Blind Flange PN16 PVDF Female Coupler PN16 PVDF Male Adaptor PN16 PVDF Pipe Fitting Reducer PN16 PVDF Pipe Fitting Union PN16 PVDF Van Stone Flange DIN PN16 PVDF Elbow 45 Degree Socket Fusion PN16 PVDF Equal Tee ISO PN16 PVDF Coupler Socket Welding PN16 PVDF End Cap DIN PN16 PVDF Flange SW DIN PN16 PVDF Pipe Fitting Cross Socket Weld 

Gate Valve

Dark rod type elastic seat sealing gate valve stainless steel Flanged knife gate valve Stainless Steel Non-Rising Stem Threaded Gate Valve Stainless Steel FEMALE GATE VALVE Fire fighting grooved water os&y Gate valve Non Rising Stem Wedge Gate Valve stainless steel Worm gear Gate valve Stainless steel OS&Y WCB Gate valve Non rising stem flange slide Gate valve 

Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting

304 Pipe Fittings Threaded End Cap Stainless Steel Male Camlock Quick Coupling Male & Female 90 Degree Stainless Steel Elbow Industrial Cross Pipe Fitting in Stainless Steel Stainless steel Barb C type groove lock fitting Female Threaded 90 degree Pipe Elbow Male Female Threaded Hexagon Reducing Bushing Double Female Threaded two way pipe union Female thread 4 way cross coupling connector Threaded quick connect grooved coupling Stainless steel male threaded square head plug 

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