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  • PP Butterfly Valve Wafer Type DIN PN10
    PP Butterfly Valve Wafer Type DIN PN10
  • PPH Diaphragm Valve JIS 10K
    PPH Diaphragm Valve JIS 10K
  • PPH Ball Valve Flange End Lever Handle
    PPH Ball Valve Flange End Lever Handle
  • PVC True Union Ball Valve Socket End
    PVC True Union Ball Valve Socket End
  • PVDF Ball Check Valve ANSI
    PVDF Ball Check Valve ANSI
  • PVC Bottom Valve Flange End ANSI CL150
    PVC Bottom Valve Flange End ANSI CL150
  • PVDF Swing Check Valve Flanged PN10
    PVDF Swing Check Valve Flanged PN10
  • Plastic Diaphragm Valve Pneumatic Actuatored
    Plastic Diaphragm Valve Pneumatic Actuatored
  • PVC Vanstone flange PN16
    PVC Vanstone flange PN16
  • Plastic Shell Motorized Actuator Rotary Switch Type
    Plastic Shell Motorized Actuator Rotary Switch Type


Ningbo RMI Plastic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of plastic valves and piping materials, provide consult service and supply high quality piping materials for industrial application, water treatment system, irrigation systems, etc. RMI products cover full range of plastic valves, pipes, fittings and accessories by different materials of PVDF, PVC, PVC-C, PP, PP-H, PP-GF, FRP, EPDM, VITON, PTFE. Over 30 kinds different valves include Diaphragm Valve, Ball Valve, Check Valve, Butterfly Valve, Foot Valve, Globe Valve, etc. Size from 1/2" up to 32", following standard of DIN, JIS, ANSI, CNS, ISO. 8 different materials of pipes and fittings diameter from 16mm to 600mm. With high quality products and professional technical support, we serve more than 200 customers in different industries and areas all around the world, and win good reputation. Especially in steel industrial, chloride alkali industry, metallurgical industry, paper making industry, pharmaceutical factory, electroplating factory, mining plant, fish farm, etc. We are continual working for the target of quality improving, technical innovation and service satisfied. Aim to provide customer durable and efficient products to ensure the piping system working safer and longer.
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  • Diaphragm type pulse damper / pulse damper, also known as pulsation damper and pulsation buffer, is a common component to eliminate pipeline pulsation and a necessary accessory of metering pump. Pulsation damper can smooth pipeline pulsation and water hammer caused by displacement pumps such as plunger pump and diaphragm pump. The gas is separated from the liquid in the pipeline by a corrosion-resistant diaphragm, and the pipeline pulsation is smoothed by the change of the volume of the gas chamber. Main functions: 1. Reduce the harm of removing water hammer to the system. 2. Decrease the peak value of velocity fluctuation. 3. Protect the pipeline, elbow and joint from the impact of pressure fluctuation. 4. For the metering pump to create a good working environment and improve the performance of the pump. 5. Allow the system to use smaller pipe diameter and reduce cost. 6. With the use of back pressure valve, the pressure fluctuation of pipeline can be close to zero. 7. Reduce the energy consumption of the system. The material is PVC PP PVDF 304, 316, etc. The diaphragm type pulse damper is divided into upper and lower shells, which are separated by polytetrafluoroethylene rubber composite diaphragms. It is the most commonly used pulse damper. The biggest advantage is that the diaphragm separates the pre charged gas from the liquid in the pipeline, which is convenient for maintenance. Under the appropriate selection and charging conditions, it can reduce most of the pulses. The maximum pressure resistance of PVC, stainless steel and diaphragm pulse damper is 1.0MPa, 2.5MPa and 5.0mpa respectively. Volume selection method: multiply the volume number (ML) of each stroke by 10 to get the minimum volume that can reduce the pulse by 90%. Design features: Diaphragm structure, media and compressed gas separation, ensure long-term stab
    2020-02 14
  • Safety valve (also known as pressure relief valve, back pressure valve) is automatically open and close according to the working pressure (working temperature) of the system. It is generally installed on the equipment or pipeline of the closed system to protect the system safe. When the pressure or temperature of the equipment or pipeline exceeds the set pressure of the safety valve, the pressure relief or temperature drop will be automatically opened to ensure that the medium pressure (temperature) in the equipment and pipeline is under the set pressure (temperature), so as to protect the normal operation of the equipment and pipeline, prevent accidents and reduce losses. Safety valve is widely used in: steam boiler, liquefied petroleum gas tank car or liquefied petroleum gas railway tank car, oil production well, high pressure bypass of steam power generation equipment, pressure pipeline, pressure vessel, etc. Safety valve is generally divided into spring type safety valve, lever type safety valve and pulse type safety valve. Plastic safety valve is a spring-loaded safety valve, which is divided into UPVC safety valve, CPVC safety valve and PVDF safety valve according to the material. The connection mode is socket welding and flange. The diameter of PVC safety valve is between dn15mm and dn80mm. The valve body material of plastic safety valve is PVC, CPVC, PVDF, PP, etc., and the seal is PTFE. Applicable to the pipeline system of corrosive medium. Use and adjust the pressure to 0.1 to 1.6Mpa Spring type plastic safety valve Spring type plastic safety valve uses the force of compression spring to balance the force acting on the valve disc. The compression of the coil spring can be adjusted by turning the adjusting nut on it. With this structure, the opening (setting) pressure of the safety valve can be corrected as required. The spring micro lift safety valve has the advantages of light and compact structure, high sensitivity, unrestricted ins
    2020-02 09
  • Welding procedure 1. welding preparation 1.1: Prepare the welding equipment according to the construction site layout plan for PPH pipe fitting welding. 1.2: take flange connection as the priority principle for PPH and PVDF pipe fitting, reasonably divide the prefabricated dividing points according to the requirements, and make corresponding technical disclosure at the same time. 1.3: corresponding dust-proof and isolation measures shall be taken for clean PVDF piping requirements 1.4: secondary detailed design of drawings and establishment of spatial view. 1.5: connect the electrical system and hydraulic system of the equipment, and adjust the equipment according to the requirements of the equipment manual. 1.6: prepare the hot melt welding operation instruction of PVDF fittings according to the technical documents and relevant standards and specifications provided by the PPH and PVDF material manufacturer 2. Pipe cutting 2.1: mark on PPH pipe with marker according to the required length of empty view of design drawing. 2.2: the pipe shall be cut with approved cutting tools, toothless saw, curve saw or manual saw. 2.3: after the pipeline is cut, the flatness of the end face of the pipeline shall be checked with a square, and the allowable deviation shall be controlled within 5mm. 2.4: for the qualified pipelines, the length of the secondary end face cutting shall be marked along the circumference of the pipeline with a water-based pen. 3. Fixture installation 3.1: after a section of the pipeline is adjusted and leveled, it shall be fixed on the fixed end of the welding frame with clamps. When the effective length of the pipe section exceeds 1500mm, V-shaped auxiliary bracket as shown in the figure below shall be installed for support. 3.2: temporarily fix another section on the movable end of the welding frame. When the effective length of the pipeline exceeds 2
    2020-02 08
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